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Secure payment

PAYPAL / Credit Card: You can buy in total security with the possibility of repayment up to 60 days. Paying in Paypal means having the security of ordering immediate order, you can choose between using your Paypal account or if you are not a Paypal customer, you can also use this circuit with your credit card.

BANK TRANSFER / IBAN: Pay in complete security with your IBAN Bancario. The time of order processing will be slower about 3/5 depending on the bank from which the transfer. All orders that are paid by bank transfer can not be processed until the amount is credited to our bank account.

MARK: Cash on delivery involves an increase in service costs of € 5. The Salentoeat catalog is processed within 48 hours. The cost of the service is applied to the final price and will be collected by the courier when the package is delivered. We recommend that you have the total payment so as not to require rest back and speed up the delivery of the goods.