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Datterino tomatoes purée, 420 g

Datterino tomatoes purée, 420 g

Datterino Tomatoes Purée is totally made by artisan food processing methods. This purée is characterized by creamy texture, tasteful flavour - typical of ripe tomatoes - and red colour. In its delicious pulp, a substantial nutritional value is hidden, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and protecting molecules. This product contains no additives or preservatives.
100% Made in Italy
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Azienda Agricola (Farming Company) Coluccia – Datterino Tomatoes Purée, 420 g - 100% Made in Italy

Fresh tomatoes are washed, carefully selected and parboiled. After having passed through pulper destoner, they are bottled with 0,03% of salt and pausterized. Due to its high quality, this product can be used as it is to make pasta, or can be combined with basil, extra virgin olive oil, cheese, chilli pepper and garlic or sautéed with a mix of ingredients.
- PRODUCED IN: Salento – Puglia – Italy.
- Datterino Tomatoes Purée made by artisan food processing methods.
- PERIOD OF HARVEST: second half of July.
- HARVESTING METHODS: Harvested by hand.
- INGREDIENTS: Tomato 99,997%, salt 0,003%.

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