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SalentoEat: Organic and Made in Italy

SalentoEat: Organic and Made in Italy

giu 12, 2018 Uncategories 1 Comments

We are fully convinced that a network between producers and suppliers could be the right prerequisite to increase professionalism and development opportunities. This is the reason why we accurately selected the best agri-food companies as our partners.

We choose to support that companies, able to apply traditional cultivation and processing methods, and to give the right value to the whole production chain and to product traceability.

Our companies adopted sustainable and organic farming, the only form of agriculture, which bans the use of chemicals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), respecting european and national laws.

Certification bodies, licensed by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (known as MiPAAF), certify the whole organic production. Today “organic” means a safer choice in terms of product warranty and food quality, the main source of wellbeing. The strength points of our mission are: close link with our territory, attention to details, careful search for the best products, excellence of artisan products, constant innovation.

Salento Eat and Made in Italy: the perfect match!


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